Monday, June 7, 2010

Picnicing in Barry

Picnics were an activity that was enjoyed by our pioneers, too, especially a fourth of July picnic. Sometimes people would drive in from the far parts of Barry County to go to the Old Setters Reunion, which in the beginning was not much more than a big picnic. Donna


Donna Cooper said...

Another interesting subject that is regarded as a pioneer activity in Barry County and the Ozarks was spelling bees and ciphering matches. The early day newspapers that we have on line - at MoBarry MOGenWeb often mentioned spelling bees.

The excitement of being the best speller in the community was all part of the entertainment. In reality spelling bees really had nothing to do with the literately programs of the schools. Donna

Donna Cooper said...

Some books to read about Barry County are "Lifetimes of Memories" Voices of Barry County that the Barry County Museum pulishes.

Life in the days of this older generation of people tells us a lot about our own ancestors.