Sunday, June 13, 2010

In 1952 Nellie Alice Mills published "Historical Spots in Old Barry County", hardback, 154 pages published by the Free Will Baptist Gem, Monett, MO, and it was to tell us about the old spots of Barry that are to be remembered. Unfortunately, the book covered a lot of the same things that “Goodspeed's History” had already covered in 1889, except Nellie had some photos and of course Goodspeed didn't.

Not to take anything away from Nellie's work, because it is a good little book, but it really didn't offer much about Barry County as a whole - and mostly covered the Monett area even dipping into Lawrence County some.

She talked about the Plymouth Junction community and in that section she mentioned Walnut Grove, which is the New Site community. It is several miles from where the Plymouth Junction community was located.

There is so much that could have been said about Plymouth Junction that wasn’t but perhaps space was a problem since the book is only 154 pages.

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